When Junior first sees Mark at the feed store in  Piano Lessons .
 A cocktail party.
 Hell hath no fury like an Angel scorned in  Piano Lessons.
 The calm before the storm.
PM UT Etsy.jpg
 Zack returns home to a new reality in  Uptowners.
 At the Mardi Gras ball in  Uptowners.
 Clayton and Ashley share a romantic moment in  Queensgate: Part 1 .
 Zack looks for a South Kensington address in  Queensgate: Part 1.
Quuensgate 2 COVER IG copy.png
 A late-night read after a night on the town in  Queensgate Part 2. .
 Mayhem at the BBC Prom concert.
 Zack, Clayton and Ashley have a drink at a pub after getting kicked out of Royal Albert Hall.
 A drink with Ravi, who knows his wines.
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