Go Fish

I do a series of paintings called “Life Force” paintings, so far featuring animals: fish, a shark, a turtle, rabbit. and lizards. There are more animals that I want to feature soon, and I have a feeling there will be some Life Force Plant paintings this summer as well. Since all living things emanate a life force, I show that energy in my paintings as different colors around that subject to make the life force visible.

Here’s a link to one of my koi paintings featured this month in the Carp Work Gallery in Spank the Carp: Journal of Fiction and Poetry. This is a bit different from some of my others because this lucky black koi is giving off shades of red, gold and silver. I painted this around the time of the Chinese New Year and wanted to show it giving off abundant good luck and powerful good vibes for the Lunar New Year.

We’re almost halfway through this year as summer arrives but the summer season signals its own new beginnings and possibilities. I’m excited about several of my upcoming projects and look forward to sharing them. Here’s sending abundant good luck and powerful good vibes your way as you approach your art with joy and excitement!


Hello, Possums!

Welcome to my creative hangout! I look forward to adding more posts here and am happy that you stopped by, I’ll be writing about the arts, including literature, cinema and all manner of pop culture, past and present (for example, do you know the reference in the title of this post? If so, you’re a real culture vulture like me!) In addition, I’ll be sharing photos here as well as video..

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