A Novel November

I’m almost to the middle of my Nanowrimo project and I plan on keeping at it until it’s complete. If any of you are working on your novel during the month of November, I wish you the very best! Writing a novel this month has prompted me to revisit some of my favorite novels from the past for inspiration. My hope is that by writing prose again, I’ll get back to reading novels, biographies and other longer works like I used to. I’ve heard much evidence lately about how online reading changes the way our brains work and affects our ability to concentrate.

Since I have a very finite amount of time to complete the Nanowrimo challenge, I’ve been working very fast in adapting one of my screenplays into a novel. After I meet the required length, however, I will enjoy slowing down long enough to build a deeper foundation for my characters, and to fill in the gaps that didn’t even know were there until I tackled this project!

More soon!