My first graphic novel—

Ashley thought that moving to a new city meant she could leave all the drama of her childhood behind--but in New Orleans, drama's always a streetcar stop away. After being abandoned by her gambler father and working at a backwoods bayou strip club, sixteen year-old Ashley moves in with her rich New Orleans cousin Zack, thinking her life can only get better. That is until she meets Zack's mean Aunt Dee who convices Zack he's going broke and will have to sell the old Uptown homeplace or else end up living on "rice and reminiscence."

Dee has a hidden agenda and more than one skeleton in her closet however as she tries to get Zack married off to debutante Mary-Elizabeth. As Zack's world falls apart, he finds himself drawn closer to Ashley, never expecting to have competition from Mary-Elizabeth, who tries to woo Ashley with extravagant shopping sprees and spa visits.

Eventually, Ashley, Zack and Mary-Elizabeth join forces to try and stop Dee and her shady lawyer- sidekick Martin from following through on their devious plans--but a couple of unexpected twists mean none of them will ever look at freezers nor flowerbeds the same way again!

Available on Amazon in print and on Kindle. Signed copies available at Noisy Muse on Etsy here.

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