In Part 2 of this sequel to Uptowners, Zack finally catches up to Ashley in London and is shocked to find her living with Clayton, a young man she met on her first night there. Zack tries to talk Ashley into returning to Paris and then New Orleans with him, but can tell her relationship with Clayton may be getting serious.

Jealous and afraid of being alone, Zack tries to find out any dirt he can on Clayton by talking to Clayton's old friend Ravi. Ravi and Zack strike up a friendship of sorts, one which intensifies just as Mary-Elizabeth and Lola arrive in London from Paris. Mary-Elizabeth (Zack and Ashley's debutante friend from Uptowners) and her girlfriend Lola can see right away that Ashley and Clayton are destined to be together and that Zack may be headed for heartbreak. Clayton is keen to learn more about Zack's and Ashley's secret past as they learn some surprising facts about Clayton's.

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