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Mitzi ponders her next project . . .

Mitzi ponders her next project . . .

Proofreading/ Editing & Feedback/ Format Assistance

Have a writing project you're working on and need some help or an objective opinion on how you can make it better? Or are you just beginning a project and need advice and instruction on how to really make progress?

I can help! Let me put my years of experience teaching, proofreading and providing constructive feedback to work for you.

I have an MFA in Creative Writing/ Screenwriting from Louisiana State University, and over eighteen years of experience teaching English composition, literature, creative writing and screenwriting at the college level, both at Tulane University and Nunez Community College.

I've written over a dozen feature-length screenplays, including several that have won national and international awards, and a short script that I turned into an award-winning short film!  I love to work with screenplay formatting, and I've also had success with pitching contests. For a nominal fee, I'll help you hone your pitch so that it shines and sparks interest!

Rates vary according to what service you need  and the length of your project, so contact me with the form below and tell me a bit about it. From organizing your essay, to proofreading your novel or screenplay, or editing the next newsletter you have to submit for your business, let's talk about the next step and how we can make your writing the best it can be!


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